DERMATOLOGY CENTRE Dr. Cathy Dierckxsens Bruxelles  is specialised in cosmetic procedures and lasers treatments for face and body rejuvenation or to enhance your skin's health and beauty. For general dermatology we are specialised in mole- and skin cancer screening and in surgical dermatology. DERMATOLOGY CENTRE is equipped with a wide range of innovative lasers and 'energy based devices', applying techniques like radiofrequency, ultrasound, IPL, LED, cryolipolysis, shockwaves and magnetic pulses. ​

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As medical skin health and beauty experts, dermatologists are best qualified to offer highest level of skin-,

laser and anti-ageing treatments. With 20 years of practice we have built up extensive experience in 

skin disorders and treatments.

Our strength is to integrate dermatology, lasers and aesthetic medicine. To ensure best possible

results, we develop individually tailored packages with synergic techniques. 

We are specialised in cosmetic medical procedures for face and body rejuvenation and in treatments to

enhance your skin's health and beauty. 

For medical dermatology we are specialised in mole- and skin cancer screening, surgical dermatology

and in skin diseases, especially those treatable with lasers.

Our clinic is equipped with a wide range of innovative lasers and 'energy based devices', applying

techniques like radiofrequency, ultrasound, IPL, LED, cryolipolysis, shockwaves and magnetic pulses. 


It's not only about having a portfolio of top-tier lasers and technologies, it's about exploiting decades of dermatologic, aesthetic and laser experience to develop tailored solutions and programs for your benefit.

We believe in a global approach for rejuvenation and beautification. Our goal is to deliver natural

 harmonious and balanced results. We intervene to solve a specific problem or make you look

radiant for a special events.

Most of all, to optimise your treatment outcome, we create personalised plans combining various

techniques. We recommend developing medium- to longterm treatment strategies, where skin-ageing

prevention and maintenance programs ensure durable results.

We are fully committed to continuous training and education, and actively participate in conferences, 

research and clinical studies. We have a critical, scientific attitude, hence we provide premium aesthetic 

and laser solutions, while not compromising on quality and safety.  



Our philosophy


We consider every patient as unique, with specific concerns and expectations.  

We believe in the importance of building a trusting relationship where communication is

key and patients make informed choices regarding their treatments.

 We therefore take time to:​

  Listen and understand your concerns and expectations​​;

Assess your specific needs​;

Perform clinical- and photographic skin-analysis​;

Inform you about different treatment options, side effects, realistic outcomes and budget​;

Tailor the treatment plan to suit your desires and needs;

Discuss short- and long-term treatment packages to optimise and maintain the results.

  ​“Passion, the difference between doing and excelling”  

"Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, But beautiful old people are works of art."

Eleanor Roosevelt

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