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Encurve - Radiofrequency


Non-surgical body contouring technique using Radiofrequency waves to selectively destroy fat cells using heat. 


Encurve uses specific radiofrequency waves (27.12MHz) that will cause massive vibration of fat cells leaving other body cells intact. The generation of this frictional energy leads to apoptosis (cell death) of fat cells. The dead fat cells are eliminated through the lymphatic system in the following weeks after the treatment.


Encurve is used for localized fat deposits but has the advantage of a big applicator for larger areas. It is ideal for the treatment of bigger zones like the belly, hips, buttocks, arms, legs and back.


Encurve is a no pain – no contact procedure,

meaning the applicator does not touch the skin.

We recommend on average 4-6 sessions at weekly intervals to achieve results.

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