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Hyaluronic acid fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers DERMATOLOGY CENTRE Dr. Cathy Dierckxsens Brussels is specialised in cosmetic procedures and lasers treatments for face and body. For medical dermatology the practice is specialised in medical laser treatments, mole- and skin cancer screening and in surgical dermatology. Dermatology Centre Avenue des Nerviens 41, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium +32 (0) 2 735 94 42

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally present in the skin. With its high-water binding capacity, hyaluronic acid contributes to the hydration of our skin. A filler based on hyaluronic acid is a high-tech product consisting of a gel that is injected into the skin or into the fatty tissue of the face and will absorb it gradually and completely over time.

There are different types of hyaluronic acid; some are used to correct volume loss and lift; others are more for fine lines or hydrating skin.

How does a treatment with hyaluronic acid happen?

The treatment with a hyaluronic acid filler takes an average of 30 to 60 minutes and the effect is immediately visible. The hyaluronic acid fillers we use contain a local anaesthetic, which makes the injections less painful. If necessary, a topical anaesthetic cream can be applied 1 hour before the treatment.

On average, the effect of a hyaluronic acid filler lasts between 12 to 18 months, depending on the type of product and the injection site.

What does hyaluronic acid help with?

Filling of wrinkles and grooves

the nasogenial folds (between nose and corner of the mouth)

the marionette grooves (between corner of mouth and chin)

the wrinkles of the forehead and crow's feet

the wrinkles around the mouth and drooping corners of the mouth.


The lips become thinner with age and their contours start to wrinkle. Hyaluronic acid injections can restore the lip contour and make the lips fuller, smoother and more beautiful again, without excessive volume changes.

Restoring from volume loss in the face

A very natural rejuvenating effect can be obtained by correcting the volume loss in the face. The lifting effect on the skin areas around the injected area will give the face back curves as well as the oval shape, which is characteristic of beauty and youth.
The areas that are usually treated are the cheeks, temples, chin and jawline for redefining the

contours of the face.

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