Our top of the range devices involve cutting-edge techniques. Choosing the appropriate treatment depends on different factors, including skin problem, skin type, acceptable downtime, potential side effects and your budget. For increased efficiency, we offer tailored complementary laser packages.DERMATOLOGY CENTRE Dr. Cathy Dierckxsens Bruxelles  is specialised in cosmetic procedures and lasers treatments for face and body rejuvenation or to enhance your skin's health and beauty. For general dermatology we are specialised in mole- and skin cancer screening and in surgical dermatology. www.dermatocentre.be

Laser treatments

Various lasers, radio-frequency, ultrasound, intense pulsed light and other so called ‘Energy Based Devices’ are used to treat a wide range of skin problems and for anti- ageing.

Our devices are top of the range techniques and involve cutting-edge technology (CE and FDA approved).

Choosing the appropriate treatment depends on different factors including your skin problem, skin type, acceptable and available downtime, potential side effects and budget.


Different devices are used individually or in combination in a same session for increased efficacy of a treatment. They can also be used together with medical or aesthetic treatments to achieve synergic and optimised result.

A tailored treatment plan is made in a first consultation, where treatment options, possible side effect, downtime and after care is discussed.

« Look your best, feel your best, be at your best »

Our Top 5 Treatments


IPL photofacial 

No downtime procedures using Intense Pulsed Light  for mild skin rejuvenation and for treatment of vascular and pigmented for face, décolletage and hands.



Vascular laser 

Selectively target blood

vessels in the skin;

for treatment of diffuse redness, rosacea, spider angioma, cherry angioma and leg veins.

Laser Genesis

A gentle laser method with no pain and no downtime, in which multiple laser passes are 'painted' over the skin, to stimulate the skin

for scar treatment and soft rejuvenation

We use newest technology lasers for all skin types to effectively remove hairs or to bleach them.

Average of 6 sessions are needed to permanently destroy unwanted hairs.

Hair removal

Tattoo removal 

Q-switched laser are used to destroy tattoo pigment. It takes several sessions depending on type of laser used but also on type of ink, colors, number of layers and location. 

Pigment removal 

Selectively targets skin pigment for treatment of ages spots, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, other pigmentary lesions only after exact diagnose!


Microneedling RF

Genius and Infini  

Innovative, minimally invasive treatment (2 days downtime) to stimulates collagen in deep dermal layers,

perfect for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and acne scars.

Non-ablative laser 

LaseMD Thulium laser

Non-ablative and non-invasive (+/- no downtime) treatment for melasma, skin texture, skin tone, and for anti-ageing “Baby face laser” with active ingredients (retinol, vit C...)

Ablative Laser

 eCO2 laser

More invasive fractional resurfacing laser (5-7 days downtime)

for skin rejuvenation, improving wrinkles, skin texture, skin tone and acne scars.

Spectra carbon laser peel or “Hollywood Peel”

Laser assisted gentle skin exfoliation using a carbon lotion for soft skin rejuvenation,  improves skin glow and complexion, reduces large pores, acne and melasma.

Spectra laser toning

& gold toning

 ‘No pain-no downtime’ procedures for treatment of sensitive and darker skin types ,

ideal for treatment of pigmentation (PIH) or melasma, acne and residual acne redness, 

Soft laser


Revital, Inner Lift and Laser Genesis are various ‘no pain-no downtime’ procedures

for soft rejuvenation and improving ski texture in multiple sessions

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