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Local Dynamic Micromassage (LDM)

Local Dynamic Micromassage  (LDM)  DERMATOLOGY CENTRE Dr. Cathy Dierckxsens Brussels is specialised in cosmetic procedures and lasers treatments for face and body. For medical dermatology the practice is specialised in medical laser treatments, mole- and skin cancer screening and in surgical dermatology. Dermatology Centre Avenue des Nerviens 41, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium +32 (0) 2 735 94 42

Local dynamic micromassage is not laser but a non-invasive technique for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, skin texture improvement and many more skin needs. LDM is a painless technology that combines different ultrasonic frequencies up to 10 MHz. The associated frequencies are transferred to the skin and work at different depths with different treatment benefits.

The treatment activates our fibroblasts (connective tissue cells), which increases the elasticity of the skin and strengthens the collagen fibers. In addition, it improves the pH (acidity) changes in the skin. Each treatment partially reverses the aging process of the skin.

The LDM system combines the three pillars/three active principles of modern anti-aging treatments;

it simultaneously produces thermal, biochemical and mechanical effects.

LDM can be effectively combined with other soft rejuvenation techniques like LED light therapy,

hydro-facial treatments or light chemical peels.

We also use the LDM device for sonophoresis - to ensure an increased penetration of active ingredients for better efficacy. Active ingredients like vitamins, peptides, hyaluronic acid, etc., are used to address signs

of skin ageing, dehydrated skin, sun damage, pigmentation, poor skin texture and acne.

We can also increase the penetration of medical products (steroids) for keloid scar treatment.

LDM can be used as a pre- and postoperative treatment in more invasive techniques like

CO2 laser treatments, microneedling RF treatments and aesthetic surgery. 

 This technique is not painful and not invasive but requires several sessions in order to be effective. 

Depending on the indication it takes between 6-10 session on average. 

LDM can be performed all year round and is suitable for all skin types.

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