Liquid facelift

What is a Liquid Facelift?

Liquid facelift is the concept of using injections of filler based on hyaluronic acid to obtain a non-surgical lifting of the face. The treatment requires the injection of different facial areas with multiple syringes to be able to achieve a volume restoring and lifting effect.

When we look at the aesthetics of the face, we need to look at the face as a whole unit.

More and more people are aware that rejuvenating and beautifying a face is more than just filling

a few lines and wrinkles, or to rejuvenate the lips.

It certainly is useful to address skin tone, fine lines, lips, etc. but without correcting volume

losses associated with facial ageing, the rejuvenating and beautifying effects will remain limited.

Replacing volume losses and restoring the youthful facial contours

is a very effective and natural way to rejuvenate the face.

Doing so, we treat the cause of the problem, which is the volume loss, instead

of treating the consequence, which are the wrinkles.

The first step consists of the assessment of the signs of facial ageing and identifying the trigger points.

In a second step, a strategy is developed on how to address the various problematic areas

and treat the face as a whole. Different steps and treatments sessions will be planned to get to the

desired results. After every session the face is re-evaluated and if necessary,

the treatment plan is adapted.

The mid face is the starting point, as treating the volume loss in the cheek area will lift the cheeks

and have an indirect impact on other areas such as the naso-labial fold, the tear trough area under 

the eyes and the jawline. 

 Liquid facelift treatments involves:

Restoring cheek volume and lifting the cheeks

Restore and define the jawline and chin

Restore hollowness of the temples and lift the eyebrows

Reduce hollow and bags under eyes

Lift mouth corners, restore and enhance the lips

Fill lines and wrinkles

Ideal combination

For a more pronounced and long lasting global approach and lifting effect, we recommend to combine with a 'Total Skin Solution' treatment of face and neck. It can be started before, or in parallel with,  a Liquid Facelift procedure..

The Total Skin Solution treatment will induce substantial skin tightening by augmenting the dermal skin volume and improves ages spots and skin tone by efficiently and softly treating the epidermis.

This strategy gives many benefits as the results will last longer, not only the volume but also the skin quality will be improved and usually less syringes will be needed to achieve desired effect.

Of course, a surgical facelift has a more pronounced and radical lifting effect but the advantages of the Liquid facelift approach, especially when combined with Total Skin Solution, are numerous. Many patients prefer to avoid the risks associated with surgery and to have a more progressive and non-surgical make-over.