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Micro-Ablative Thullium laser LASEMD and cosmeceutical delivery systems

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

The concept of LASEMD Thulium Micro-ablative laser with Cosmeceutical Delivery System is cutting edge technology which combines a laser with specially developed cosmeceuticals.

It is a minimally invasive -limited to no downtime- treatment to enhance skin tone and texture improvement.

Penetration of cosmeceuticals is normally limited by the natural skin barrier, which allows only very small molecules to penetrate into deeper skin layers. Micro-Ablative Thulium laser is used to make small micro-channels in the skin barrier in order to increase the penetration of certain cosmeceuticals in the deeper dermal layers, therefore enhancing the efficiency of treatments with these products.

This laser assisted delivery method is very useful for treatment of a number of dermatologic conditions such as pigmentary disorders like melasma, post inflammatory pigmentation, hair loss and scars but can also be used as a soft rejuvenation laser for treatment of wrinkles, skin tone and texture.

After a LaseMD treatment sun exposure needs to be avoided for few weeks, so it is preferably not done in summer. During the summer months we recommend an alternative technique as a cosmeceutical delivery system with Ultrasound, LDM Sonophoresis, which can done all year.

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