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Carefully follow the team’s instructions.

-Arrive precisely at the agreed time, but, if you arrive earlier, wait in your car or outside.

-If you have to be accompanied (max by 1 person), let us know in advance.

-Wear mask when entering the clinic

-Use alcohol gel when you enter the clinic.

-Only sit on designated seats.

-Keep a 1.5 m distance.

-Put personal objects (bag, mobile phone, keys) on the designated area or on the designated seat.

-Keep mask on at all times, unless authorized to take it off by the doctor.

-Do not talk as long as mask it taken off.

-Do not touch anything, we will open doors for you.

-Do not use the toilet unless really necessary.

-If you have to cough or sneeze, do it away from other people (stay at least 2 meters away), by putting    your arm in front of your mouth

-If you have to blow your nose or use the handkerchief, do it away from other people (stay at least 2        meters away), and throw the handkerchief in the trash can.

-Pay preferably with contactless means, otherwise via bancontact, using a pencil that is provided to        type the code (and the pencil is to be cleaned after every use).

-Do not come to the consultation/visit if you are or may be ill, or have been in contact with a person        who is or may be ill, in particular, if you assume a possible risk of Covid-19 infection.

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