Soft laser rejuvenation

Various names are used to designate this gentle rejuvenation method, in which multiple 'laser layers' are 'painted' over the skin to heat up the skin: 

Laser genesis, Revital treatment, laser toning, Inner Lift.

The 'laser painting' procedure will generate moderate dermal heating inducing mild collagen remodeling and stimulation

of collagen synthesis.

The stimulation of collagen synthesis is a process that takes time and the degree of efficacy is related to the temperature that is generated.

With all soft laser rejuvenation techniques, the heating is moderate, which make the treatment comfortable and non-invasive (no pain - no downtime), but treatments need to be repeated and the results will be progressive and more subtle in comparison

with more invasive techniques.

Soft laser rejuvenation is an excellent treatment for preventing skin ageing and as a skin maintenance treatment. It is also recommended for patients

with pain aversion.


On average between 6 to 10 sessions, with an

interval of several weeks, are needed.  Usually regular maintenance sessions need to be continued to keep the results or to further improve the skin.

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